The institute of Smart City and Management (ISCM) is a research institute belonging to the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh (UEH). Research and education activities are fundamentally formulated based on the concept of integration of frontier architectural, technological and engineering applications and modelling.

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Short Introduction

Established in May 2020, the Institute of Smart City and Management (ISCM) positions as the first phase of multidiscipline in UEH, and an active response to urban challenges. In recent years, ISCM has been positioning as a Center of Excellence in academic and practical fields, focusing on Smart City strategies—how technology can be a problem-solving instrument in a rapidly changing and unpredictable world.

ISCM facilitates partnerships by building extensive local and international networks among research organizations, government authorities, companies, and communities. We aspire to develop communal efforts to improve the smartness, resilience, and sustainability of our cities with a motivated and creative team that comprises academics, specialists, and researchers from all backgrounds, generations, and nations.


ISCM will be a leading Institution/School in improving the quality of urban life towards sustainable and smart community development through international integrated education system, in-depth research and problem-solving projects.


Improving urban quality and environment by excellent education, in-depth research and problem-solving projects in terms of “Think Globally - Act Locally”. Educating new generation students for creative and critical thinking, as well as global knowledge, professional skills, sense of sustainability. Developing the most advanced integrated Smart City StudioLab system with sufficient spaces and equipment to conduct thorough research. Impacting on urban planning, design and management by changing the way of thinking and involvement of the community, local authority and stakeholders.


At ISCM, Smart City is not about a destination, it is about a lifelong journey. From our perspective, cities are living entities with a constant flow of activities and urban issues may arise as a result of these actions. To handle these challenges successfully, we must manage our limited resources, and use technology to devise innovative solutions.

With the development of contemporary tools and apps, it is now necessary to combine and optimize them to address specific issues in a more intelligent and integrated manner. ISCM’s ambition is to become the leading institution in Vietnam and the SEA region in offering an optimum and integrated approach to smart city development.

Dr. Tu-Anh Trinh - Director