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  • [Ready for Next - Special Session] METAVERSE: CITY OF TOMORROW

[Ready for Next - Special Session] METAVERSE: CITY OF TOMORROW

[Ready for Next - Special Session] METAVERSE: CITY OF TOMORROW

2021 was the year of several difficulties and changes. In that picture, digital technologies have defined their own position and roles in economics and society. Metaverse, with the very first introduction by Mark Zuckerberg in the Connect 2021 Conference, is now on its journey to become part of human life. After that Seoul City (Korea) declared the development plan of its own Metaverse Version to the public. This plan has made Seoul become the very first city to appear in the land of Metaverse. So, what is the righteous way for corporations or smart cities?

As a part of the Event Series Ready for Next 2022, UEH & ISCM sincerely invited you to enroll in a special session with the topic “Metaverse - City of Tomorrow” - where experts from international organizations and universities share their ideas and the process of bringing them into real life. This session promised to bring you the most realistic perspective about Metaverse, with its ability to break through limits of space and time.

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Series of Event “Ready for Next: Transforming for Sustainability” occurs from 04/12 to 11/12, is a series of diverse contents, including more than 80 activities with the aim to connect interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary knowledge, ranging from academics, exchange forums, community connection hubs to artistic and sustainable inspiration activities such as exhibition, fashion show, classical concert, etc.

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