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Can you picture yourselves living in a city where food, drinks and other necessities could be accessed in 15 minutes ? Not only that, health, environmental-friendliness, declines in CO2 or low-use of fuel, etc, is also assured? These two factors are the inspiration behind the model called 15 Minutes City, where cities provide the ability to easily access basic necessities for their citizens, as well as the guarantee for sustainable development.

In order to deepen your understanding about the thesis and way to construct this “15 minutes city” model, UEH & ISCM sincerely invite you to attend Special Session: 15 Minutes City - a part of a 2022 event series “A Future Resilience through Smart City Lens’’ - organized in the International Event Weeks Ready for Next: Transforming for Sustainability. This session will be shared by experts from Institute of Smart City and Management (ISCM - CTD - UEH), University of Trieste (Italy), KwangWoon University (Korean), University of Melbourne (Australia), CPG Vietnam Co., Ltd, C40 Cities Cimate Leadership Group (Kuala Lumpur), and other relevant stakeholders.

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A Future Resilience through Smart City Lens 2022 (FR) is an International Conference, part of the Events Series “Ready for Next: Transforming for Sustainability” organized by UEH in collaboration with other international partners from Dec 04 - 11, 2022. This event series focuses on the connection of Technology with Life, Smart City, Art and Multidisciplinary sustainability, with the aim to bring upward value to the society. These interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary programs occur in various forms, covering contents in many fields, from academics, exchange forums, community connection hubs to artistic and sustainable inspiration activities.

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