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As a place where the chosen site challenges our talented competitors in the 3rd International Design Competition: Reimagining Cities towards Carbon Neutrality located, Vung Tau coastal city has its own prospects, which can be utilized in its process of developing.

🚢 With its strategic location, Vung Tau has been an important border gate of Vietnam to reach out to the world. The city has a great potential to develop marine economics and services, and is currently the national pioneer in exchange expansion as well as foreign trading.

🌪️About its natural characteristics, it is known that Vung Tau city has been directly affected by storms and tropical depression, and have to pay attention to seismic resistance with the earthquake level 6.

👫Mentioned its social economic status, Vung Tau is a home for 1,167.9 thousand people, with the GRDP scale being among the top 5 in Vietnam. The major industry lies in service and tourism, construction, and agriculture, forestry and fishery, with a worthy-note on the two industrial zones, and Phuoc Thang industrial cluster.

Based on the potentials that the city possesses, Vung Tau is now planned to develop its natural structure, in which tackle its system of long coastline surrounding the city, combined with mangrove ecosystems in the areas of Go Gang, Long Son, and Bac Phuoc Thang. In addition, the authority suggests supporting the urban area as the urban belt, which is the ecological area of Cua Lap, Bac Phuoc Thang, Long Son, and Go Gang mangrove rivers and canals.

Many more key data of Vung Tau city, especially those related to the chosen site North Phuoc Thang has been delivered through the package sent after successful registration. Now on, unleash your knowledge, creativity and propose your fascinating idea to reimagine the site towards carbon neutrality.


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