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International Workshop: Global City Development Camp - Orientation Day - The Beginning of Miracle Meeting

About Event

Now in Vinh Long city, going through a difficult time of Covid 19, the magical meeting between Korean and Vietnamese students officially occurred after more than a few months of preparation and waiting.

Organized by the Institute for Smart Cities and Management (ISCM) and Handong Global University, the workshop also marks a return to real life amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Here, students have the opportunity to explore the Mekong Delta and Vinh Long, a beautiful land hidden behind the values of various internationalist historical and cultural relics.

Opening the program was an orientation session introducing the program, interesting activities, and “challenges” for each taking part team during the event. At the same time, the students joined in a forum-sharing session with a multi-dimensional perspective from the local government, lecturers, and experts on Mang Thit - Kingdom of Bricks. The program was attended by:

🌟 Prof. Ducksu Seo, Dean of Spatial Environment System Engineering, Handong Global University

🌟 MSc. Nguyen Duc Vinh - Vice Director, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City at Vinh Long Branch

🌟 MSc. Tran Thi Quynh Mai - Director of the Bachelor Program, Institute of Smart Cities and Management, UEH College of Technology and Design

🌟 MSc. Huynh Trong Nhan - Head of Urban Development Division, Mien Tay Construction University

🌟 MSc. Nguyen Tien Dat - Lecturer of Architecture department, Mien Tay Construction University

🌟 And 30+ students from Handong Global University, Mien Tay construction university, University of Economics HCMC, and the University of Technology HCMC.

Let’s check the activities on the first day of the program with ISCM!


Since 2020, the International Workshop, also known as Summer Camp, has been an annual program organized by universities around the world, where students from different countries will come to a place to learn about urban development by exploring local values, culture, and community identity. This year, the program was held in Vinh Long City, Vietnam, with the theme: Sustainable Smart Living - Global City Development Camp hosted by ISCM and Handong Global University.

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