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Recovery of Travel and Efforts to Escape from the Whirlwind Influenced by Covid-19

Recovery of Travel and Efforts to Escape from the Whirlwind Influenced by Covid-19

About Event

The year 2020 - 365 days of travel around the world were suspended and the phrase “closed” repeatedly appeared at tourist sites for the Covid epidemic. What is the “open” solution for sustainable tourism?

Over the past time, many projects, ideas and solutions aimed at reviving tourism have attracted a lot of people’s attention. Not out of that trend, Ho Chi Minh City School of Economics - the Institute of Intelligent Urban Studies and Management - cooperates with its professors and experts: Hasselt University (Thailand), Handong Global University (South Korea), Sun Duc Thang School of Economics (Viet Nam’s Web site) and Technical School (Viet Nam’s Web site “Global Strategies for Local Tourism” takes place from March 1st to March 5th, 2001.

“New normal travel”

Choosing the theme Global Strategies for Local Tourism, experts from many countries will sit down to discuss, come up with ideas with the desire to restore “new normal” tourism and aim for the long-term development of cities.

One of the difficult questions faced by experts is: What solution is there to restore and what is the link between cities around the world that remains the same? Because, Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact on us, as preventive measures have limited us to go out, and the need for physical separation has radically revealed people’s rights to space has become increasingly important, and collaboration between cities has become important.

In addition, not only volume development, but overall urban development should also be concerned with substance development and open the way for sustainable development. Making cities a place worth living, friendly to global citizens while ensuring a balance between human and natural factors.

What do young people say and do?

Accompanying the week of workshops and webinars is the participation of students from six domestic and foreign universities who want to listen and listen to young people’s opinions on global issues and support future generations to inherit those intellectual values.

Sustainable development can be understood as development that meets the needs of the present without affecting the needs of the future generation (interpreting the meaning of the UN definition). Therefore, student contributions are essential and the organizing committee believes, new perspectives, thoughts.Modernity will contribute much to getting tourism out of the recession.

Sinh viên đến từ các quốc gia sẽ được chia thành các nhóm, cùng làm việc và đưa ra  quan điểm, ý tưởng về các chủ đề hướng đến nền du lịch bền vững như: 

  • Heritage & identity
  • Publicness & nature
  • Daily life & hospitality
  • Local ceremony & creativity

(group presentations based on selected topics)

Many creative and unique ideas were presented by students with passion and dedication based on detailed analysis of case studies in Brussels, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Bangkok (Taiwan), and Pohang (Korea). The International 2021 Workshop & Webinar Week is the beginning of the SmartCity+ event organized by the HCMC Economic Institute for Intelligent Urbanization and Management to raise awareness among young people, especially Gen Z generation, on urban and tourism issues in general and separately.

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