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From January 15 to January 26, 2024, the Institute of Smart City and Management - University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH - ISCM) collaborated with the Lee Kuan Yew Centre for Innovative Cities at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD - LKYCIC) to organize a Short-Term International Course: Smart City and Technology - the Case of Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore. With the aim to encourage knowledge exchange and promote learning through practical experiences, the course received positive attitude from the UEH and SUTD student communities.

Lecturers and students from UEH and SUTD participated in the course

Accompanying with 10 students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design, students from the UEH actively participated in learning and expanding their knowledge of applying new technologies, especially AI, to address urban issues in various aspects. This was achieved through insights shared by professors and experts in the field. Additionally, emphasizing the combination of theory and practice, the course was designed with field trips for students to gather information and process data. This enabled participants to propose solutions for existing issues at the selected location, orient its development towards becoming a smart and sustainable area.

Class in Singapore

Students participated in field trips

A highlight of the course was the objective to complete a scientific research paper according to standard criteria. Student groups, comprising both SUTD and UEH students, conducted on-site visits, collected and processed data, and discussed problem-solving under the guidance of faculty members from both institutions. Following this hands-on experience, participants will continue collaborating online to finalize their research on the chosen topics.

Students presents their finding results at the end of the course

From gaining insights into the multifaceted aspects of Ho Chi Minh City to understanding advanced solutions applied in Singapore, participants were encouraged to think freely and creatively. They were urged to apply technology to address economic, social, and environmental issues, actively contributing to the journey of creating sustainable value for the community. Through this course, ISCM believes that students have gained a connected and global perspective, laying the foundation for them to become future citizens who think globally and act locally.

The International Short Course: Smart City and Technology - the Case of Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore has successfully kicked off a series of exciting activities in 2024 for the Institute of Smart Cities and Management. Stay tuned to UEH - ISCM’s communication channels for upcoming events in the GLOCAL Partnership towards Carbon Neutrality.

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