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On March 25, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Institute of Smart Cities and Management, in cooperation with B+H, held a webinar with the theme “A new understanding of the imperative of healthy city design”. The webinar is part of the Smart City 2021 series of events organized by the Institute of Smart Cities and Management at the University of Economics.

New challenges in the new age

The 21st century will be one of those times. The most important thing in human history is that because of all the challenges that we face from the incredible leap forward in technology and urban challenges in a rapidly urbanized and globalized world,

At the webinar, experts said The three most influential factors in shaping future cities are climate change, planning, and the technological revolution. These factors force us to have a modern vision of how to build cities that are resilient. and immune to the shocks of global change.

In the speech, Dr. Trinh Tu Anh, president of the Institute for Intelligent Urban and Management, mentioned the story of how our future city will be and what will be a model city for the future. To answer this question, experts shared their views together.

One of the most important factors is “people.” Experts say the principle of creating cities is to meet the basic needs of the community, such as housing, education, work, mobility, etc. So, to make a city worth living in, first of all, the needs of the people and the unity of the community must be met. Model projects for the future At this webinar, experts also analyzed together future-type urban projects such as Hamlet Waterfront, which won the top prize at the Resting the Future ACD Awards, 2018. In addition, one of the most discussed projects is Tam Da Smart City. The project was developed with a vision that focuses on three main elements: innovation, sustainability, and resiliency. If planning zones were built in the past to meet only one purpose, the new point of this project could be seen as a complex that meets all the needs of offices, places, entertainment, living conditions, etc. In addition to that, complexes. It not only meets people’s needs, but it also encourages people to change their mode of mobility, reduce traffic congestion, and create green spaces, thus improving the quality of their lives. Technology, climate, and human planning have really had a huge impact on our lives, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s both a challenge and an opportunity for us to work together to create cities that are, in particular, friendly and sustainable for the world as a whole.

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