B.E. Le Viet

B.E. Le Viet

StudioLab Manager

Le Quoc Viet is Studio-Lab Manager at ISCM, where he responsible for the orchestration and implementation of all Studio-Lab activities and process, especially those related to simulation technology. He graduated from Ton Duc Thang university, with bachelor degrees in Urban Planning in 2017. After graduation, Viet developed a strong sense of technology application in architecture and urban design. In addition to his role as studiolab administrator, Viet has also expanded his work into other design-related activities in ISCM including digital and printed publication design, 3D model design, Computer is both his vocation and avocation.


  • Urban Design
  • Augmeted Reality
  • 3D Printing
  • Agent Based Modelling

Academic and Research Profile

    • Bachelor of Engineering, Urban Planning, Ton Duc Thang University(2017)

International Experiences

    • ERAMUS+ Exchange in Architecture, Hasselt University, Belgium