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Lecturer in the field of Smart Management

Lecturer in the field of Smart Management

To enhance the quality and environment in education and research, ISCM announced the recruitment of experienced personnel. This is an attractive opportunity for candidates interested in smart urban planning and management who wish to work in a dynamic environment with great potential for development.

Professional Competence:

  • PhD, PhD students in management, urban marketing, mobility.
    • Graduated from international training programs;
    • Carrying out in-depth research on smart city and applying technology to solve urban problems.

Working Experiences:

  • At least 3 years of teaching experience in the field of urban planning and management.
    • Work experience in international projects in transportation, urban Planning;
    • Work experience in marketing, communication in the government and public sector, especially in education..

Essential Skills:

    • Strategic thinking;
    • Persuasion and Negotiation;
    • Time management;
    • Teamwork;
    • Working under pressure.

Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Propose orientations and plans for the development of the divisions, including: design of training programs, outlines, subject content; compilation of textbooks, references, projects, scientific research;
    • Implement the development plans for the approved divisions;
    • Be responsible for the content, quality and progress of teaching, in compliance with the Institute’s general teaching plan;
    • Research on improving, renovating teaching methods, organize academic activities, scientific research to improve the quality of training;
    • Organize training courses and arrange class schedules, final exam schedules for learners;
    • Supervise students, researchers to complete projects, dissertation;
    • Scientific research/projects acitivities assigned by the Institute;
    • Develop and efficiently exploit joint projects in association with foreign universities, enterprises, partners and educational institutions;
    • Enter the grades into the training management software system; handle the learning results in each semester according to regulations;
    • Implementation of marketing, communication, and event organization related to the Institute;
    • Other related tasks assigned by the Director.

Performance Standard:

    • Number of teaching hours;
    • Number of scientific research hours;
    • Number of class (students, learning and teaching quality);
    • Number of projects;
    • Number of programs, events, and media campaigns.

Training & Development:

    • Professional training;
    • Teaching, research and project management skills;
    • Fostering knowledge of technology, applying technology to solve urban problems.

Career Management:

  • Lecturer specializing in City Branding, Smart City Management.
For further information, please contact:
  1. Institure of Smart City and Management (ISCM)
    • Address: 232/6 Vo Thi Sau Street, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, HCMC
    • Number: 028. 39309589 - 0946973488 (Ms Mai)