AR Wish Tree

AR Wish Tree

ISCM-UEH collaborates with VNUHCM – University of Science, ABB Research (Sweden), and Zeta Motion Co. to explore augmented reality (AR) to design a digitally enhanced tree of wishes. It combines an art installation (e.g., a sculpture) serving as the physical proxy of the tree and digital enhancements viewed through a mobile AR application. This solution allows people to creatively express their thoughts and richly interact with them and mitigate the problems of traditional physical trees. The tree can act as an attraction for a location or a venue.


Wishairer is a companion application for the Tree of Wishes project, an experimental project jointly carried out by UEH University (formerly known as University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City), University of Science, VNU-HCM (VNUHCM-US) and Zetamotion. Wishairer is a tool for users to virtually interact with a physical art installation, which is in the form of a tree of wishes currently hosted in the campus of UEH University. Wishairer was primarily designed by UEH University and mainly developed

Using Wishairer, users can compose messages consisting of their wishes and virtually attach them on the tree of wishes. Users can also view all wishes virtually attached on the tree either by themselves or by other people. Users can interact with the tree of wishes in one of two modes: virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). In the VR mode, users will see and interact with a virtual replica of the physical tree of wishes. This mode of interaction allows users to interact with the tree a Thus, do not hesitate to download Wishairer and start putting your wishes on the tree regardless of whether you are nearby the physical art installation or not. Even if you cannot be currently at UEH University campuses and need to make your wishes using the VR mode, who knows one day when you have a chance to stand in front of the physical tree, you can see the wishes you made today.

Project members

Principal developer: Duy-Nam Ly (VNUHCM-US).

Principal graphic designer: Viet Le (UEH University).

Project lead: Dr. Duy Le (ABB Research)

Project advisors: Prof. Minh-Triet Tran ( VNUHCM-US), Dr. Tu-Anh Trinh (UEH University)

Industrial partner: Zetamotion Co., UK (Dr. Huy Phan, Dr. Anh Nguyen, Dr. Luan Duong)

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