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Junior Researcher

Junior Researcher

To enhance the quality and environment in education and research, ISCM announced the recruitment of experienced personnel. This is an attractive opportunity for candidates interested in smart urban planning and management who wish to work in a dynamic environment with great potential for development.

Professional Competence:

  • Bachelor degrees in Transportation, Urban Planning, Architecture, Information Technology, Computer Science.
  1. Study, work and research exchange to foreign programs in Transportation, Urban Planning, Architecture, Information Technology, Computer Science.

Working Experiences:

  • At least 02 papers published in the lists of SCI / SCIE or SSCI journals within a period of 05 years up to the date of application submission, of which at least 01 paper was published in the list of SCI journal or ranked in Q3 or higher in the lists of SCIE, SSCI journals.
    • Work experience in international projects in Transportation, Urban Planning, Architecture relating to gamification, virtual reality, urban simulation and applying Information Technology in mentioned fields.

Essential Skills:

    • Fluent English (listening, speaking, reading, writing);
    • Working/research in national and international environments;
    • Time management;
    • Teamwork;
    • Specialist skills.
    • Able to use design softwares related to smart cities such as: Amification, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Iluastration, Adobe Indesign, AutoCAD, Qgis, Unreal Engine VR, các ngôn ngữ lập trình….

Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Data collection and analysis, paper writing, research/project reports assigned by senior researcher/ the Director;
    • Other related tasks assigned by the Director.

Performance Standard:

    • At least 1.5 papers published in the lists of SCI/SCIE or SSCI journals (Q3 or higher) winthin 36 months;
    • Join at least 1 research group funded from sources inside or outside UEH winthin 12 months.

Training & Development:

    • Short and long-term training for expertise improvement;
    • Research skills, research/project activities.

Career Management:

  • Junior research in Smart Transportation/Urban Planning/Architecture, Urban Simulation, Information Technology, Computer Science.


  • Participating in teaching/project acitivities and others of the Institute if appropriate.
For further information, please contact:
  1. Institure of Smart City and Management (ISCM)
    • Address: 232/6 Vo Thi Sau Street, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, HCMC
    • Number: 028. 39309589 - 0946973488 (Ms Mai)